These strips arrived in a box with a clear plastic box inside full of strips. I appreciate that they do have inner box for storage and to keep them dry. pH strips can be a key to good health. These can be used for saliva or urine and are easy to use. The outer and inner box both have a very detailed chart of the different pH levels and the colors. These can be used to test water, pool water or many other numerous things.

Florida Kayaker

These pH strips are great for testing the water in my fish tank. I have 1 beta fish and like to take care of the tank as well as possible and these really help with that. The narrow range allows my to get an accurate read on her water’s pH. Love these things.

John Jeffrey

I purchased these to test my mouth pH. I tend to get thrush alot since my gastric bypass surgery. It seems like the more alkaline my mouth is the increased risk to getting the thrush. If it tends to head that any, I make sure I start taking more probiotics. I like that it doesn’t cost much to have these on hand and it prevents an unneeded dr appt.

Galway Girlon

I love how easy it is to read these strips. All you have to do is dip the strip into the liquid and wait 15 seconds to read the results. I llike to keep track of my personal pH. Such a great and easy to use product.

Laurel Cordell

The strips are great! Very easy to match colors. I have only used them for saliva but they work as advertised! The top of the box is tight to keep moisture out but it comes off fairly easily if you simply rock it back and forth a bit.


They seem to work on saliva and urine but not on tap or bottled water. I have tested 3 different bottled waters and my tap water and they all look the same. Disappointed in that aspect.


I received the test strips in a very prompt manner. I am quite satisfied with the product. Clearly good quality, and well packaged in a tightly closing plastic box to help keep them fresh. I was a bio/chem major in college so I have had experience with strips like this. I also own a Hannah Instruments HI98129 digital pH meter. Cross checking with that I can tell you that the strips are certainly accurate enough to be completely acceptable for their intended purpose. I am using them “off-label” primarily to test artificial soil, sort of a hydroponic application, and occasionally for water if I don’t have my meter handy. Customer service, should you need it, is outstanding.


I bought these to test the morning saliva and water (tap water, bottled water, etc.) The colors do not match, i.e., the colors I get on the upper row do not match the colors I get on the lower one. So, you are not sure which number to go by. Do you use the one which matches the upper color or the lower one? Not sure if I got the bad batch. I missed the deadline to return by a few days since I was out of town so the money was wasted.


Don’t waste your money. These are terrible. I bought so I could test the ph of my water because I have a bladder disease and can’t have acidic things. I tested these in 3 types of water (tap, bottled, and alkaline) and I got the same results for each water. In fact the color of the strips hardly changed at all. Extremely disappointed in this purchase.

Kristen Cargile

This product was exactly what I needed, but unfortunately they hardly work at all if you need the half pH resolution that is claimed… In my experience, if it’s relatively neutral, you will get a reading of ~5 (which is wrong). If it’s VERY acidic (pH of 2 or so), it will read more red than 4.5, and if it’s very basic (pH 10+), it will be blue. That is the level of resolution that you actually get from this product.

Drake Donovan

A great product to test just about any liquid.


My first box was somehow not working at all. The company did send me another box and these are marginal. Some of them seem to be accurate….but others not at all. The colors really do not match either the upper or lower line and often there isn’t even a corresponding color at all.
I would not buy again.


I ordered these SelpHbalance pH Test Strips to make sure the pH levels are ok in our pool. They came in a box of 100 and have a pH guide included. The inside box is made of plastic to keep the strips dry and protected.

I tested two strips, when the package first arrived. The first one I tested was on my own saliva which I included in my photos. The second one I tested was on our pool. It definitely indicated that we needed to add chemicals.

This is a great value on these test strips. We usually have to pay more for pH test strips. Plus these can be used for saliva, urine, pools, aquariums and more. I definitely recommend these strips.