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With the growing trend of health awareness in this 21st century, it is our utmost pleasure to contribute to, and promote longevity so that you can have a healthy lifestyle using our number one SelpHbalance pH strips!


These strips arrived in a box with a clear plastic box inside full of strips. I appreciate that they do have inner box for storage and to keep them dry. pH strips can be a key to good health. These can be used for saliva or urine and are easy to use. The outer and inner box both have a very detailed chart of the different pH levels and the colors. These can be used to test water, pool water or many other numerous things.

Florida Kayaker

These pH strips are great for testing the water in my fish tank. I have 1 beta fish and like to take care of the tank as well as possible and these really help with that. The narrow range allows my to get an accurate read on her water’s pH. Love these things.

John Jeffrey

I purchased these to test my mouth pH. I tend to get thrush alot since my gastric bypass surgery. It seems like the more alkaline my mouth is the increased risk to getting the thrush. If it tends to head that any, I make sure I start taking more probiotics. I like that it doesn’t cost much to have these on hand and it prevents an unneeded dr appt.

Galway Girlon